RoIP Dispatch Solutions

RoIP Dispatch Solutions

One of the most significant benefits of using Radio over IP (RoIP) is the ability to establish multiple dispatch consoles in a number of locations, quickly and easily.

This provides organizations with the flexibility to:

  • Establish Backup Dispatch Locations
  • Allow Dispatchers to operate out of Different Locations, even in Different Time Zones
  • Relocate or Expand the Dispatch Network without Major Infrastructure Changes
  • Create Portable Dispatch Options

All connected to the wider radio network using the organization’s existing IP network. Click here to see how Dispatch Consoles and RoIP Gateways work together to provide ultimate choice & flexibility.

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Omnitronics provides a number of RoIP dispatch console options, dependant on the organization’s requirements. All of these consoles can be used together within the same wide-area network for ultimate flexibility:

 RediTALK-Flex – Simple to use Digital Dispatch console that connects directly to IP networks without the use of a server.

960SIP Dispatch Console – A robust, SIP capable console for operators and organizations that prefer not to use a PC.


DX-Altus Radio Management System– A full server-based, digital radio dispatch system providing complete interoperability.



To learn more about these solutions and Radio over IP in general, contact us.