Dispatch and Networking Solutions for Tait Radios

Dispatch and Networking Solutions for Tait Radios


As an official Endorsed Technology Partner of Tait, Omnitronics has developed an interface for a wide variety of Tait’s technologies including Analog, DMR Tier 2, DMR Tier 3 and P25.

Our powerful interfaces add significant value to your radio network by:

The list of compatible Tait radios is as below:*

– TM7100
– TM8100 P25 Trunking (via donor radio)
– TM8110
– TM8115
– TB8200
– TB9100
– TM9100
– TM9155
– TB9300
– TM9300
– TM 9400

*Note: The list of compatible radios is constantly growing. Contact your local sales representative for the most up to date list.

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