Register for the Second in our RoIP Webinar Series: Practical Radio over IP

The second in our RoIP webinar series, our ‘Practical Radio over IP’ Webinar expands on the fundamentals that were explored in the first session but with more of a focus on the technical elements of the Radio over IP (RoIP) technology. Delivered by our in house RoIP expert Paul Whitfield, this webinar is suitable for all audiences, regardless of technical expertise and background.

Session 2: Practical Radio Over IP

Length: 30 minutes

The session will cover some of the more commonly encountered issues when using RoIP, as well as:

  • Protocols and technology
    • Standards
  • Issues associated with RoIP
    • Delay
    • Echo
    • Network errors
    • Tones and Codecs
  • Network trouble shooting

Register for the ‘Practical Radio over IP’ Webinar

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