Press Release: Simoco and Omnitronics introduce DMR Tier 3 Integration

RediTALK and Simoco DMRT3Omnitronics is pleased to announce the integration of our RediTALK and DX-Altus Dispatch Solutions to Simoco’s DMR Tier 3 base stations.

This integration is a result of strong partnership between the two companies across multiple global offices including the USA, UK and Australia.

The introduction of the DMR Tier 3 interfaces adds to the suite of solutions Omnitronics can provide for Simoco users which also includes P25-DFSI and Analog systems.

By integrating with RediTALK or the DX-Altus, organizations can add significant value to their radio networks by creating greater visibility of operations, increase efficiencies and improved safety via the added capabilities digital radio provides.

“Simoco and Omnitronics have collaborated on many LMR projects over the years” says Omnitronics CEO, John Florenca “As an Omnitronics partner, this development enables Simoco to offer a range of proven IP dispatch solutions through RediTALK and DX-Altus. These products will add value to Simoco DMR Tier 3 solutions across the globe.”

Download the Press Release here