Hytera and Omnitronics Announce DMR Compatibility

HyteraHytera and Omnitronics have announced that Hytera’s DMR Conventional IP Multi-Site Connect Interfaces now support Omnitronics’ RediTALK Dispatch Consoles.

Hytera and Omnitronics have partnered to develop a console interface based on Hytera’s proprietary DMR Application Protocol (HDAP). This mature and proven protocol enables the console to access all of the radio’s features, including access to GPS data and other features that are specific to Hytera.

Hytera America Marketing Director, Nicholas Bacigalupi, said “We are enthusiastic about our partnership with Omnitronics.  Hytera is working diligently to offer more options to both end-users and dealers.  Omnitronics helps us provide customers with an easy to use dispatch solution to increase efficiency and interoperability”.

Omnitronics Executive Vice President, Graeme Hull, said “Omnitronics is very excited at the release of our interface for DMR Tier II. This underlines our ongoing commitment to the North American market and to Hytera. It is a further milestone in our plan to be at the forefront of the North American Radio Market”.

“We are very excited about the prospect of working closely with Hytera and their channel partners in the coming month and will be announcing a detailed premium partner program in late Spring 2014.”

The new interface is also available on Omnitronics’ DX-Altus Radio Management System. Both dispatch products provide an IP connection to the repeater to take full advantage of the functionality & features of the Hytera DMR network.

Hytera has developed a complete series of DMR products complying with ETSI DMR Tier II and Tier III standard.  Hytera’s DMR portfolio includes portable radio, mobile radio, repeater, covert radio, intrinsically safe radio, Atex IIC compliant radio, trunking systems, and more.  Hytera recently expanded their DMR portfolio to include the PD5 and PD6 Series portable radios.

The interface between Hytera DMR Tier II Radios and RediTALK will be demonstrated at IWCE from March 26th -27th in Las Vegas at Hytera’s Booth (1027).

You can download the Press Release here.