Developed to offer the power of digital radio to small- and medium-sized dispatch centers, the RediTALK Digital Radio Dispatch System from Omnitronics has the ability to connect every organization, regardless of their current radio equipment.

Over a century of two-way radio communication has resulted in a number of hugely beneficial improvements and innovations, but the flip side of that is a highly fragmented and complex equipment market. Understanding that a solution was required to unify the discordant world of both analog and digital radio, Omnitronics worked with major radio manufacturers to create RediTALK.

Gathering a variety of technologies into one, simple-to-use dispatch console, RediTALK offers users powerful digital functionality, taking the hard work out of running a dispatch center and allowing you to focus on the most important concern – reliable and efficient communication.

No Server Required

RediTALK was designed to be as accessible as possible, and that starts right from the setup stage. Thanks to modern radio over internet protocol (RoIP) technology, dispatch centers no longer require expensive and bulky servers to be installed on-site. As long as you are in a location that can connect to your IP network, you’re able to access the full features of RediTALK, whether you’re in an office, an industrial site or even working from home.

Easy to Use

Given the small-to-medium size of operations that RediTALK was designed for, ease of use is likely to take priority over many other factors. The powerful functionality of RediTALK is remarkably simple to use, and is built with touch-screen displays in mind. Intuitive one-touch and press-and-hold controls are easy to learn, and smart contact filtering means finding the right person to communicate with is a snap.


Customizable Screen Layout

There are a lot of features offered by RediTALK, some of which certain organizations are likely to use more than others. Fortunately, those key functions can be put right at your fingertips, thanks to the customization options baked into the system. Windows can be resized and repositioned, hidden from view or docked, even moved across to a second screen.

Smart Dispatch Features

  • Integrated contacts list – Finding the right person to communicate with is a breeze.
  • All call – Or, if you simply want to speak to everyone at once, this is a great feature.
  • Call history and playback – Want to see who other operators have been speaking with, or need to remember your own earlier calls? RediTALK has you covered. Also, you can now play back recorded sections of calls to make sure your information is accurate.

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Advanced Digital Features

  • Group and individual calling – Contact all members of a pre-configured group at one time, or cut through distracting radio traffic for a private, one-on-one communication.
  • Text and status messaging – Actual voice communication isn’t always necessary, so RediTALK offers the ability to send brief text messages for non-urgent instructions,and status messages to broadcast a general update such as “ready for assignment” or even “out to lunch”.

GPS Essentials

Basic location services come standard with the RediTALK system, allowing you to pinpoint precisely where radio users on your network are located. It’s a great addition, oALS Single Screenffering an extra layer of safety and visibility to your dispatch solution.

What’s more, if you love the GPS Essentials package but still have a need for a more comprehensive system, RediTALK is also compatible with Omnitronics’ Advanced Location Services. Create dynamic geofences, view historic route tracking and create location-based notification alarms – these are just some of the extra features contained in advanced package.

Combining powerful modern features with a streamlined and simple operation, RediTALK from Omnitronics is the ideal solution for small-to-medium dispatch centers. Speak to us today for more information.