Public Safety

Public Safety responders rely on radio communications systems to carry out their mission of protecting our communities. These agencies such as the Police, Fire and EMS also have the common goal of communicating across agencies and across jurisdictions seamlessly and with a high level of confidence. This requires a network and dispatch equipment that interfaces with multiple manufacturers and that can be configured to suit the region of activity and scope of operations.

Ultimately, First Responders rely on a communications network that allows them to talk to their team mates, supervisors and dispatchers instantly and from any location, regardless of the underlying technologies.

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Omnitronics provides a number of solutions to meet these needs:

  • The 619 Range of Audio Bridges enables interoperability between frequency bands and provide a simple way of rebanding and/or narrowbanding a network
  • The IPR Range of VoIP adapters/gateways for connecting existing Analog Equipment via an IP network and providing the number of benefits RoIP gives organizations.
  • The DX-Altus Radio Management System which provides phased upgrades from analog to digital protocols, interoperability between protocols and complete redundancy, amongst many other benefits.
  • The DX-Altus is also compatible with a range of digital features such as GPS Tracking, Rapid Recall and Discrete Listening. All important features to ensure personnel are safe and accounted for.
  • RediTALK for small to medium offices that would like the power of digital radio but without the complexity of a server.

The types of Public Safety organization’s Omnitronics provides solutions for include:

  • Communication and Dispatch Centers
  • Police Departments
  • Fire and EMS
  • Ambulance
  • Rescue Services
  • Surf Life Saving
  • Security

For examples of our solutions, see our Case Studies.