Audio Bridging Interoperability

The 619 range of Audio Bridges are a group of products that provide a uniform way to interconnect radio equipment from different manufacturers and in different bands. Typically, Omnitronics’ Audio Bridges are used to interconnect multiple repeaters together at a remote site and to provide multiple paths within a radio network providing ultimate interoperability.

This ability is paramount to the mission of all organizations that are involved in providing a service to our communities. However, radio networks can become so complex that providing interoperability can seem daunting. The Omnitronic’s range of Audio Bridges makes this simple, providing you with the choice and flexibility your organization requires:

In addition, our Audio Bridges are used for Rebanding and Narrowbanding to make the transition simple without any downtime. To see how, click here.

The Omnitronics’ range of Audio Bridges includes:

619DSRIThis sophisticated eight-port digital bridge provides the highest level of functionality including the ability to dynamically re-configure radio networks to suit operational requirements.

619EI– These devices offer the most affordable and simple way to interconnect disparate radio systems.

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