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Port Authority of NSW Installs “Configurable” DX-Altus

sydneyportausThe Port Authority of NSW has installed a DX-Altus System at it’s operations at Sydney Harbour and Botany Bay.

Due to the customizability of Alto, the system is able to easily and efficiently manage the heavy amount of vessel traffic.

See the full case study here.

Fact Sheet: 3 Reasons Why You Should Use a Dispatch Console

DX-Altus Alto Dispatch ConsoleIn today’s competitive environment, many businesses are implementing new digital radio technologies, such as P25, DMR and NXDN, which are designed to provide affordable digital communications of low complexity and enhanced functionality.

Download this Fact Sheet to learn the 3 reasons why you should use a dispatch console.


Cover Story: RediTALK Air customization for Fire Service

RRI Cover StoryThe latest Radio Resource International features a custom engineering project for the South Australian Country Fire Service (CFS) as its cover story. In collaboration with Tetracom and Tait, Omnitronics have been developing a customized version of RediTALK Air which includes a topographic mapping interfaces showing vehicle locaitons, a track of the fire front, wind direction and other key data.

See the full article here:  

DX-Altus Release 4 Coming Soon!

DX-Altus Release 4Release 4 of the DX-Altus and Alto will soon be available. This exciting new release see’s the greatest list of enhancements to this product since it’s introduction.

New Features include:

SIP Phone Integration – Operators can now connect to SIP compatible telephones and link caller ID to contacts. This is in addition to the existing ability to patch radios to analog phones.

Canned Messages – Operators or supervisors can pre-record messages and send them across the radio network, either to individuals or groups. This useful features saves operators significant time in repeating common messages.

Call History – In addition to the existing Rapid Recall recordings queue, operators can access a quick summary of all calls and types through the Call History window. In addition they can call or message contacts or groups directly from this menu.

Direct Dial from Contacts – The contacts menu has been enhanced to enable operators to call or message individuals or groups direct from the contacts window.

Night Mode – Enables operators in low light environments to easily view the Alto screen whilst monitoring outdoor activities. Particularly popular for Maritime applications.

Individual Volume Control – Operators can now set differing foreground and background volume’s for individual channels, enabling them to make high priority channels louder.

Advanced GPS – Integration into Advanced GPS options such as web-hosted and self-hosted services. See more info here.

If you are interested in DX-Altus or in upgrading your existing system, please contact your local sales representative. This release will be free of charge to all customers who have a current Support Agreement for their DX-Altus system.

Safety & Productivity Improvement at Gold Mine with DX-Altus Upgrade

resources radioAfter almost 10 years of reliable operation, one of the the largest above-and below-ground gold mining operations in Western Australia has recently upgraded their DX-64 to the DX-Altus Digital Radio Management System.

The upgrade was conducted in a timely & efficient number, utilizing existing equipment and requiring only minimal operator training.

In addition, safety has been improved with the introduction of the Canned Messages feature. Safety messages such as weather warnings and blast alerts can be pre-recorded and played to the radio network on a regular basis. Also reducing the load on the operators.

For more information, download the case study here.