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Alberta Health Services integrates Radio Communications Province-Wide

alberta_health_servicesAlberta Health Services brings together health entities province-wide into one wider health network. As part of ensuring collaboration with each other and with emergency services, each hospital is equipped with MPT1327 radio equipment.

By using Radio over IP Gateways and Dispatch Consoles, the hospitals can now have shared radio communications access during emergency and routine situations in a cost effective manner.

Download the full Case Study here.

Apache uses Radio over IP for Radio Communications across Northern Alberta

gasManaging a number of Oil & Gas operations across Northern Alberta, Apache required a simple and reliable means of connecting their network to ensure safety and increase operational efficiencies.

By using IPR100 Radio over IP Gateways, they have been able to connect multiple sites onto one radio network. Furthermore, they have chosen a variety of dispatch consoles with varying levels of functionality for use at some of the sites. 

Utilizing the power of Radio over IP has meant they now have a flexible network that can grow to suit their needs.

Download the case study here.



IPRdispatch helps Trauma Nurses be Prepared for Incoming Emergencies

emergencyThe Level 1 Trauma Center at a University Hospital Health Network has recently installed the IPRdispatch radio console at their nurses stations to facilitate communications between the trauma team and EMS services. By commissioning this simple to use and efficient console, the trauma team are able to be more responsive to emergencies.

For more information, download the Case Study here.

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s Communications Network upgraded to Radio over IP

The transportation department of a large multi-campus hospital with over 20 locations required a system upgrade to manage their 12 radio repeaters that cover activities at all the campus sites and their fleet of ambulances, access vans and helicopters.

Radio over IP was implemented to replace existing leased lines and the network was connected via IPR400s. In addition, ageing dispatch equipment was upgraded to IPRdispatch software consoles.

By implementing this reliable and flexible solution, the client was able to pay for the new system within the first month of use due to savings made on removing the leased lines.

Download the Application Note here.

Rural Electric Co-op Implements IP over Microwave

Reliability of Radio Communications over Microwave can be tricky due to packet loss but sometimes this technology is necessary as in the case of one electrical co-op operating over the Rocky Mountains.

Using IPR’s to connect multiple repeater sites to three differing dispatch locations set up with IPRdispatch or 960SIP consoles, an effective and reliable means of communication was established.

See the full Application Note here.