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Excise Department of Thailand installs DX-Altus for Nationwide Coordination

Picture1The Excise Department of Thailand recently installed a DX-Altus system to support the new Kenwood Nexedge Radio Network along with legacy radios.

Installed at the Bangkok Command Centre, the DX-Altus manages communications across 67 provincial offices, connected via IP using Radio over IP Gateways.

See the full case study here.

Country Fire Authority links P25 Radio Sites by IP

CFA vicThe Country Fire Authority Victoria has recently interconnected P25 radio repeater sites via Digital Radio Gateways to enable simultaneous access of voice traffic.

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Port Authority of NSW Installs “Configurable” DX-Altus

sydneyportausThe Port Authority of NSW has installed a DX-Altus System at it’s operations at Sydney Harbour and Botany Bay.

Due to the customizability of Alto, the system is able to easily and efficiently manage the heavy amount of vessel traffic.

See the full case study here.

Safety & Productivity Improvement at Gold Mine with DX-Altus Upgrade

resources radioAfter almost 10 years of reliable operation, one of the the largest above-and below-ground gold mining operations in Western Australia has recently upgraded their DX-64 to the DX-Altus Digital Radio Management System.

The upgrade was conducted in a timely & efficient number, utilizing existing equipment and requiring only minimal operator training.

In addition, safety has been improved with the introduction of the Canned Messages feature. Safety messages such as weather warnings and blast alerts can be pre-recorded and played to the radio network on a regular basis. Also reducing the load on the operators.

For more information, download the case study here.

Interagency Cooperation for Public Safety Agencies

radio interoperability south americaPublic Safety authorities in a South American Capital required a means to interconnect radio communications across multiple agencies including SIP Telephone Integration.

619DSRI Audio Bridges were installed to not only allow for communications interoperability but dynamic reconfiguration of user groups to suit various operational scenarios. Additionally, SIP telephones were integrated into the wider network through the use of IPR110+ Radio over IP Gateways.

As a result the agencies have improved communications, safety and productivity.

Download the case study here.